Waterproof Slip Rings

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Waterproof Slip Rings
Waterproof Slip Rings
Waterproof Slip Rings
Waterproof Slip Rings
Waterproof Slip Rings
Waterproof Slip Rings
A waterproof slip ring will guarantee protection from moisture, corrosion and is suitable for all types of underwater work.


  • Ultra-strong resistance to corrosion
  • Protection from water up to 1500M deep
  • IP65 or more IP68
  • Multi-point brush contact


  • Easy installation
  • Long life
  • Customized requirements
  • Easy operation

Available Options

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Designed to meet your specific application requirements.
Fluid + Electrical Integration

Fluid + Electrical Integration

A fast, flexible solution that can be easily integrated directly into your device.

Learn More about Waterproof Slip Rings

What is a Waterproof slip ring?

A waterproof Slip Ring works in exactly the same way as a regular slip ring does the difference between this and other slip rings is that they work underwater, have much more resistance to corrosion and do not permit any moisture to enter the electrical circuit.

The bespoke design of the slip ring ensures that is watertight, this means that absolutely no liquid or moisture can leak into the slip ring and damage the circuit inside, shutting it down.

Waterproof slip rings are either manufactured using aluminum alloy or another precious metal however it largely depends on the working circumstances and the environment whether that is sea water, oil or another aqueous liquid such as alcohol.

Our waterproof slip ring has a minimal loss of signal transfer and features low torque when revolving. This keeps electrical noise to a minimum preventing any noise pollution. The slip ring is expertly designed to guarantee that it will not require any costly maintenance as well as having a very long-life span compared to others on the market.

What are waterproof slip rings used for?

Water treatment, sea water, underwater

How to install waterproof slip ring?

Check our installation guide

Do you wholesale waterproof slip ring?

Yes, we can. As a manufacturer, our waterproof electrical slip rings price is affordable.

Have a project in mind?

Let's talk about your project. Our experts are here for you!