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Below аre frequentу аsked questions , уou can find the answer for yourself

Do you offer custom slip rings?

Yes, we can design custom solutions to meet your exact electrical requirements. For more information please see Custom Slip Rings

Do you offer custom rotary unions?

Yes, we can meet your exact fluid rotary union requirements from standard products to customized design. For more information see Custom Solutions

How do I choose a slip ring?

Proper selection of a slip ring solution requires details about your application's operating parameters including total circuits, voltage and amps per circuit, operating speed, and mounting type. you can search our standard slip rings. If you don't find what you want, you can choose a custom solution, contact us to Get Started. Our experts are here for you.

Can your standard rotary unions be modified to meet the requirements of my application?

Yes, We can modify our standard rotary unions to fit your needs. Custom modifications to our standard products meet you need.

Have a project in mind?

Let's talk about your project. Our experts are here for you!