Mercury Slip Rings

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Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Mercury slip rings make use of mercury contact as a conductive, and, transference media. This allows for stable transfer of current via liquid metal, under normal and, standard parameters.


  • Number of circuits:2 - 14
  • Current: 10 Amp - 7500 Amp of current
  • High rotating speed
  • Bore: 10.2mm- 16.2mm


  • Perfect for transmission of power
  • Connect with any rotating interface
  • Low contact resistance
  • Integrated structure design

Available Options

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Designed to meet your specific application requirements.
Fluid + Electrical Integration

Fluid + Electrical Integration

A fast, flexible solution that can be easily integrated directly into your device.

Learn More about Mercury Slip Rings

What is a mercury slip ring?

Mercury slip rings, like electrical slip rings, are high performance, low contact resistant, and, strong, stable slip rings, which can transfer current and signal.

Mercury slip ring assembly are used for any and all kinds of rotating interfaces. Built with lasting stability, our mercury rotary slip rings are more durable and stronger than brush slip rings. 

In addition, the incorporation of an aluminium alloy in the design and construction of our mercury slip ring connector is the secret behind its special insulating, sealing, and, conducting technology. 

Furthermore, mercury wetted slip rings can work perfectly in combination with micro voltage, current, EMF, thermos couple, strain gauge, high frequency and electric power connections.

Why do you choose our mercury slip rings?

You can choose non mercury, mercury wetted, high power mercury slip rings.

What are mercury slip rings used for?

Applied in resistor cutting machine

Used in the building of robots, surgical lamp, cable wheel, rotary lamp box, and, colouring devices.

Also incorporated in wind turbines, wielding machines, and winding machines.

Pipe inspection camera, speed dome camera, heating roller, laminating machine and spinning LED sign board.

Reel-to-reel plating line equipment.

Index table for signal and power.

How to install electrical mercury slip ring?

Check our installation guide for mercury slip ring

Do you wholesale mercury slip ring?

Yes, we can. Our mercury slip ring price is affordable.

Have a project in mind?

Let's talk about your project. Our experts are here for you!