High Current Slip Rings

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High Current Slip Rings
High Current Slip Rings
High current electric slip rings are designed to high current devices. They are often used as rotary electrical connectors when high currents need to be supplied to heating elements.


  • Housing material: engineered plastic
  • Power circuits: 3
  • Protection Class: IP51
  • Number of rings: max. 12


  • Long Life
  • Low Cost
  • Current capacity up to 20 amps
  • Compact Size

Available Options

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Custom Slip Rings Solutions

Designed to meet your specific application requirements.
Fluid + Electrical Integration

Fluid + Electrical Integration

A fast, flexible solution that can be easily integrated directly into your device.

Learn More about High Current Slip Rings

Do you offer custom high current slip rings?

Yes, we can design custom solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Why do you choose our high current slip rings?

For number of rings, you can from 1 to 36 rings

What are high current slip rings used for?

Communication devices, antenna radar system, large cranes, large cable reels.

Do you wholesale high current slip rings?

Yes, We can. Our high current slip rings price is one of the most affordable in the market.

Have a project in mind?

Let's talk about your project. Our experts are here for you!