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What is a RF Rotary Joint?

RF rotary joints are the mechanical elements that are adopted to aid the transmission of radio frequency signals from a fixed part of a system to the parts which have the ability to move.

The RF rotary joints permit waves to be conveyed backwards and forwards both from an antenna and ground elements and vice-versa without losing or degrading any of the signals received. These rotary joints are available for a high number of individual frequencies, this is why they are used so commonly in today's world.

Waveguide Rotary Joints

Waveguide Rotary Joints

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Learn More About RF Rotary Joints

How does an RF rotary joint work?

RF rotary joint allows signals to be transmitted back and forth between an antenna and ground components with little or no distortion.

How do you choose our RF rotary joints?

For power, you can choose high power rf rotary joint.

For channel, you can choose 2 channel, 4 channel, 6-channel rf rotary joint.

For connector, you can choose sma rf rotary joint.

For frequency, you can choose high frequency rf rotary joint.

What is the material for making RF rotary joints?

RF Rotary joints are able to be manufactured from a large number of materials, these materials are steel, copper, bronze, silver as well as aluminum. Should this not be suitable for your application there are many other custom options available, inquire with us about such materials.

What are RF rotary joints used for?

RF rotary joints are used in various industries including but not limited to defence, security, medicine and aerospace.

How to install RF rotary joint?

Check our installation guide

Do you wholesale RF rotary joint?

Yes, we can. Our RF rotary joint price is affordable. you can contact us and buy a RF rotary joint now

Have a project in mind?

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