Hydraulic Oil Rotary Unions

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Hydraulic Rotary Unions
Hydraulic Rotary Unions
Rotary unions for air are devices used for transferring pneumatics, under pressure, from a stationary or immobile inlet, to a 360° rotating outlet, hence, isolating and preserving the fluid connection.


  • Passages: 1 ~ 16
  • Mixed circuit: 0 ~ 200
  • Pipe size: 4 ~ 12mm and 3 ~ 8mm
  • High speed: 100-300RPM


  • Longer seal life
  • Increase bearing life
  • Customized tests on customers parameters
  • No leakage

Available Options

Custom Rotary Unions Solutions

Custom Rotary Unions Solutions

Designed to meet your specific application requirements.
Fluid + Electrical Integration

Fluid + Electrical Integration

A fast, flexible solution that can be easily integrated directly into your device.

Learn More about Hydraulic Rotary Unions

What is a hydraulic rotary union?

Hydraulic rotary unions & swivel joint work by sealing and transferring hydraulic oil from a stationary source to a rotating interface.

How do you choose our hydraulic rotary union?

Hydraulic rotary joints are built with all the right operating parameters in place; the right pressure, speed, number of channels, and, connection size. This is the reason we are the perfect choice, when selecting of a hydraulic rotary union. If you need fluid + electrical integration, you can choose hydraulic electric rotary union

What are hydraulic rotary union used for?

Our experts have taken their time to make the best hydraulic rotary union designs, for both industrial applications, and all kinds of commercial uses.

Off-shore drilling rigs, down-hole drilling and other boring & drilling jobs.

Robotic welding equipment, rotary index tables, excavator and casting machines.

How does a rotary hydraulic joint work?

It connects rotating equipment to fixed pipes for the transfer of hydraulic oil.

Do you wholesale hydraulic rotary joint & unions?

Yes, We can. Our hydraulic rotary union price is one of the most affordable in the market.

Have a project in mind?

Let's talk about your project. Our experts are here for you!