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What is a Fiber Optic Rotary Joint?

Fiber optical rotary joints are electrical devices, used for transmitting electrical signals and huge volumes of data, across rotating components. Also known as fiber optical rotary joints, (FORJs), are available in multiple channels and they can maintain the end-to-end intrinsic advantages of fibers.

Single Channel FORJs

Single Channel FORJs

Single channel fiber optic rotary joint allows the transfer of optical signals across rotational interfaces.

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Multi Channel FORJs

Multi Channel FORJs

Multi Channel FORJ permits transfer of optical signals from VCSEL sources on two separate optical fibers across rotatio...

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Hybrid FORJs

Hybrid FORJs

Hybrid FORJs combine a fiber optic rotary joint with an electrical slip ring, allowing electrical, power and optical signal t...

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What is a Fiber Optic Rotary Joint?

Fiber optic rotary joints are designed to maintain a high degree of accuracy and precision. It can work perfectly in a 360° rotating interface, transmitting signals and data.

Fiber optical rotary joints can support multiple rotating fiber optic channels, transmitting large amount of data (up to 100Gbps). They are also very cost effective optic rotary joints.

It is designed as either single mode fibers, with a small diameter, or, as multiple mode fibers, with large cores and components.

Whilst slip rings are responsible for transferring power and electrical signals from, a fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ) largely works in the same way for data and light signals, as a way of transferring considerable amounts of data in a short space of time across rotating parts.

Fiber optic rotary joints have the ability to transfer information even across an air gap whilst the parts are rotating. FORJ’s are largely responsible for maintaining the quality of data and ensuring nothing is lost within the data transfer process.

The Fiber Optic rotary joint (FORJ) is perfect for the lightning-quick information transfer within a large number of applications.

FORJ’s have much thinner wires than traditional copper wires used as well as a much higher overall carrying capability and far more optical fibers can be conjoined into a small space than copper wires can, further aiding the speed of data transfer.

How does a fiber optic rotary joint work?

With the development of fiber optic rotary joints we now have the ability to uninterruptedly transfer optical signals at a very high speed with incredible never before seen levels of integrity, you can be sure no optical signals will be lost during the data transfer

How do you choose our fiber optic rotary joints?

You can choose it according to multi-channel, compact size, circuits number. such as fiber optical rotary joint with st fc sc lc connector, winch optical rotary joint, fiber optic electric hybrid rotary joint

What are fiber optic rotary joints used for?

Whilst Fiber Optic Rotary Joints are possible to be used in a wide range of configurations it needs to be taken into account the specific amount of data needing to be transferred as well as the overall amount of distance which the data has to travel.

The distance which the data needs to travel needs to be worked out by you in order for you to work out the most suitable FORJ for your project and application.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joints are perfect for use in medical imaging systems such as laparoscopes and endoscopes as well as being highly suited for use in the plumbing industry.

In this application, they are used to inspect sewage pipes and highlight damaged areas which need repairing.

This is also the case in the mechanical industry where FORJ’s are used to inspect welds within engines on vehicles such as cars and space rockets. This shows the diversity of uses available with a FORJ.

How to install fiber optic rotary joint?

Check our installation guide

Do you wholesale fiber optic rotary joint?

Yes, we can. Our fiber optic rotary joint price is affordable. you can contact us and buy a fiber optic rotary joint now

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